Practice Based Chapter (OC) JPPLC

The Joint Professional Practices and Legislative Committee of the Practice Based Chapter headquartered in Orange County is one of the fundamental components and most active elements of the Chapter.

Chair:          Jon Maddox
Chair:          Sean Englert
Chair:         Dave Woolley

Members:    Jerry Uselton, Ralph Guida, David Boyle, Greg Borchard, Kim Holtz, Roger Frank, Rich Maher


The JPPLC is available to you either as a surveyor or member of the public. You may submit specific maps, documents, or surveys for review and also questions or ideas for consideration. When the JPPLC finds that submitted work products fail to meet statutes or standards of care, it may work with the specific practitioner or the state licensing board to correct deficiencies.

You may submit your requests in 3 ways, depending on your desire for anonymity:

1.    Send an email to the leadership at and your matter will be brought before the committee as a whole at the next regular monthly meeting. You may be contacted by a designated member of the committee for additional information or clarification of the request.

2.    Send an email to one of the committee members and ask them to act on your behalf. Only they need know your identity and they can ask you for more information to process your request as needed. They will present your matter to the committee on your behalf and apprise you regarding the status and results. Each name listed in the committee above is hyperlinked to their respective email address. Only that member will know your identity, if you request anonymity.

3.    Print out all the information or put it on an inexpensive thumb drive and mail it to:

PMB 201
TUSTIN, CA 92780

If you provide no return mailing address, we cannot ask for additional information or keep you apprised of the progress on the request; but this is a way to submit information in complete anonymity. Please be as thorough as possible if not providing any contact information, so there is the greatest possibility of our servicing your request.

Regular meetings are monthly on the third Wednesday of every month, from noon-2PM by virtual meeting process, with semi-regular meetings in person at the Orange County Surveyor's office. Please see the Chapter Google Calendar or Events page for specifics.