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Survey/Mapping Sciences Classes - Santiago Canyon College - Spring 2017

  • Santiago Canyon College 8045 East Chapman Avenue Orange, CA, 92869 United States (map)

What is a Surveyor?

Surveyors and Mapping Technicians use surveying, engineering, and scientific data to determine and identify fixed points or boundaries; prepare maps for legal and design purposes; and provide data relevant to the shape, contour, gravitation, location, or dimension of land or land features for construction, mining, land evaluation, and other purposes.  Surveyors use GPS (Global Positioning Systems) and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) in their work.  Work is outdoors using the surveying equipment in the field as well as in offices using computers and filing reports.

How can I become a Surveyor?

The successful graduate of the Santiago Canyon College Survey and Mapping Sciences program will have the technical expertise necessary for an entry level position in the fields of Geographic Information Systems, Land Surveying, and Digital Photogrammetry. The program also assists those students preparing for the State Land Surveyor-In-Training and, after the required work experience, the Land Surveyor Exams. The State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors will grant one year of the required work experience credit for students completing an Associate Degree Survey and Mapping Sciences.