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CRTN Coordinate Update

  • California California USA (map)

CRTN will transition to CSRS Epoch 2017.50 (NAD83) on March 1, 2018.

Stations in San Diego County transitioned on February 15 for testing purposes.

Please make sure your IP addresses are set to the following:

The Southern California IP Address (updated February 6, 2018) is, Port=2103

The Northern California IP address (updated August 5, 2017) is, Port=2103

Troubleshooting Tip - If your data collector is not connecting when you change IP addresses, please try creating a new “Survey Style,” which involves adding all the information including your username/password again.  Please email if you can’t find your username/password. 

List of Stations and Coordinates – please download the latest files: 

You can get a list of stations and coordinates from

and an interactive map at

or enter into Google Maps or Google Earth 

or for all stations (both CRTN and CGPS) a beta version of the KML file
beta KML

CRTN AccountsCRTN Registration: Allow 7-10 days for an account to be set up.

CRTN Users Contact Information – please keep us updated:  Please email if the primary CRTN user’s email address has changed.  When we have CRTN updates, we want to make sure the user receives the information. 

Online Giving to CRTN – it’s quick and makes you feel good:  It’s easy to take a free service like CRTN for granted, but direct funding to keep CRTN operational is challenging and CRTN may not always be here due to lack of funding.  CSRC greatly appreciates the support of CRTN Consortium Members and their organizations (contributing $15K annually) and CRTN Contributing Members (contributing $1K annually per additional CRTN account).  Please use this link or contact for additional information regarding CRTN Membership.