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CLSA Webinar: Navigating the Legal Maze of Drones

Drone Mapping and the Land Surveying Profession
Webinar Presenter: Stephen Gowdy, Chief Pilot

Presentation Overview: 

  • The effect of a disruptive technology on an existing market and revenue stream 
  • The Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) the ultimate disruptive technology 
  • Specific examples of UAS mapping and surveying that can assist the Professional Surveyor 
  • UAS and the FAA Operational Regulations and how it effects the Profession Surveyor 
  • Section 333 to Part 107 
  • Part 107 Rules 
  • Part 107 Waivers 
  • UAS Insurance considerations 
  • Steps and business models a Professional Surveyor can take to protect their business and grow it using UAS technology 
  • Q & A